Easley-Stevenson-Arsenault & Guests

Thursday, Aug 16 10:45pm

Late Night at Fishbones  

Easley, Stevensen, Arsenault and Guests will feature a collection of A-list maritime musicians.

Tom Easley has co-produced and released seven CD's with Hot Toddy and has performed at most major jazz and blues festivals across North America and Europe.  Tom received the 2007 ECMA for Jazz Recording of the Year and has been nominated three times for Bass Player of the Year by Toronto’s Maple Blues Society.

In his 40-year career Bill Stevenson recorded while still in his teens, opened for the Doors, backed up John Lee Hooker, worked with some of Canada’s best loved musicians, as well as hosting his own National CBC radio series and appearing on multi-award winning albums by Garrett Mason, Thom Swift and Hot
Toddy Trio.  In 2008 he won the ECMA for Jazz Recording of the Year.

Geoff Arsenault started playing dance halls in rural Nova Scotia at age 14.
He travelled the blues and jazz circuit in Halifax and Ottawa in
the late 70s and by the mid 80’s he was touring with artists like Rita
MacNeil, Morgan Davis, Carlos del Junco, Collin Linden, Ray
Bonneville, and many more.

Who will be the "guests?  Show up and find out.